Sports center on Clamart-Trivaux campus
Wood Engineering: Concept Frames
Carpenter: POULINGUE
The new sports complex non-standard of the city of Clamart is among the many challenges of high-tech that cadwork can rise.
Enveloped by an undulating roof, the design of this building fell to peak with the release of the new version V21, where the management of large projects has seen much easier, especially with the management of curved elements. Technically, the building extends over a 130m long by 40m wide, with a height of more than 10m and its structure is made of LVL beam curves in 2 shots, stitched together by metal fittings.
For such events, cadwork is obviously pushed to its limits: use of containers for export items of complex hardware plans, export volumes for mounting plans, plans to pieces curved in several planes, drawing of 'curved elements in full output new graphics engine ...



The cadwork team has taken a cold sweat , of course! But over time the project has taken more and more extensive , in a climate increasingly serene . And it is under a certain emotion that we discover the first images of the already placed on site structure , this structure we've seen hundreds of times across a computer screen . On reflection , cadwork is not a simple software , it is an adventure , an adventure that is embellished by the day thanks to customers who tames this majestic material that brings us all ... More information on


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